Mini Suites - Bamboo Garden Hotel

  • Listing number: 003
  • Price: D1,800 Per Day
  • Location: Kololi
  • Bedroom: 2

These rooms have all the facilities and amenities you will find in the standard rooms.  Spacious deluxe rooms with a bright and airy décor and an unmatched array of contemporary custom furnishings. The rooms are designed with sizable French windows allowing you a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean with your early morning coffee.

The Bamboo Garden Hotel nestles in the heart of the famous Senegambia area, settling about two hundred meters offshore. It is a uniquely structured hotel resort depicting the architectural building style of the Mandingo and Fulani tribes. The hotel offers you a range of activities such as excursions (safari) around the remote outskirts of the country, to historical sites, academic institutions and to areas promoting ecotourism, the flora and fauna of our heritage.


•    Luxurious furnished apartments
•    Bed and Breakfast
•    Fully Air Conditioned/Wifi
•    Cable TV/24 hr Security
•    Restaurant
•    Pool Bar
•    Entertainment
•    Foreign Exchange
•    5 Mins. walk from the beach